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Lactaben Silver nipple shields

Lactaben silver nipple shields

When can I use Lactaben silver nipple shields?

You can use them throughout all the breastfeeding period, after each feed or after using a breast pump.

Can I use Lactaben silver nipple shields concomitantly with topical products for cracks and sores?

It is not advisable to use both healing creams and nipple shields because it can result in excess humidity in the nipple area. The La Leche League does not recommend the use of creams that have to be removed before breastfeeding. (Available at
When you use Lactaben silver nipple shields we recommend to dry the nipple area after the feed and then hydrate it with a small amount of breastmilk before placing the nipple shields.

How should I clean Lactaben silver nipple shields?

You can wash them with water and soap. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is also an option.

Do Lactaben silver nipple shields need to be sterilized?

It is not necessary to sterilize. Regular cleaning as described above is enough.

How should I keep Lactaben silver nipple shields?

We recommend that you keep or store them in a small cotton bag or cloth.

For how long can I use Lactaben silver nipple shields?

The nipple shields are made out of silver 925 and so are long lasting. You can use them with each of your babies and afterwards you can even offer them as a gift to a mother-to-be.

What other measures should I take to reduce the risk of developing cracks and sores during breastfeeding?

The first and most important measure is the correct positioning of the baby during the feeds. This is a simple measure that prevents cracks and sores and is also key for a correct nutrition and optimal mother and baby comfort.


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