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Lactaben Silver nipple shields

Lactaben silver nipple shields

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends breastfeeding as the best nutritional source for newborns and babies due to the singular characteristics and quality of breast milk. Breastfeeding is in fact one of the most effective means of assuring infant health and survival.

WHO recommends all mothers to give exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months, thus offering the best nourishment for health and development. After this period, it is recommended to continue breastfeeding, along with complementary foods.

Since 1992, WHO/UNICEF holds a World Week for Brestfeeding. In Europe, this week takes place around de 41st week of the year, that is, in October, the time when a baby would be born and breastfeeding started if it were conceived at the beginning of the year.

Currently, cracked and sored nipples are one of the main risk factors to stop breastfeeding and can also be the origin of mastitis. Another main contributor to stopping breastfeeding in our modern society is stress and the difficulties a woman finds to manage efficiently her personal and working schedules, with both functional and esthetical factors interacting. This often results in the substitution of breastfeeding for other means of nourishment.

Lactaben silver nipple shields are totally compatible with breastmilk. They protect nipples during breastfeeding, preventing the development of cracks and sores in between feeds.

Lactaben silver nipple shields are made out of silver with a minimum millesimal fineness of 925. This material is ideal for nipple protection because of its resistance, innocuity for both mother and child and lack of interaction with the quality and characteristics of breastmilk.

Lactaben silver nipple shields will help you protect your nipples throughout breastfeeding and prevent the pains and harms derived from cracks and sores. Your babies will be able to profit from the best nutritional source, your own breastmilk, and you will live together one of the most important physical and emotional experiences a mother and a baby can live.


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